How To Pleat Fluted Filter Paper

Unlike folding quadrants, pleating a fluted filter is not that easy and require some training or some patience. We propose an 8 steps method using symetry to improve the consistency of the pleats.

8 Pleats Fluted Filter Paper

How to pleat fluted filter paper

How to Pleat Faster?

Prepare a quadrant and start from the top half. Form an "accordion" by folding back and forth to make 4 or more pleats. Return the quadrant and do the same on the other (flat) side. This way is faster but you need to know the exact size of the pleat (different for each diameter) and stay consistent. You might waste a few dozen discs before you get the hand of it...

How to Pleat Even Faster?

Well, there is no miracle solution as long as you consider manual pleating. But if your budget can accept a small increase, the much faster way is to buy pre-pleated filter paper.

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