Filter Papers

Are you looking for affordable folded filter papers?

To show our savoir-faire in the folding and fluting of filter papers, we have developped a selected range of related products under the zenpore brand. Our ready-to-sell paper filters are available flat, folded and fluted for three standard qualitative grades:

Equivalent grades:

Those grades are equivalent to Whatman 1, 2, 4 (flat) and 1V, 2V, 4V (fluted). There is no real equivalent for our quadrant folded but the folding of our grade 1q is similar to 1 FF(103804) from Whatman.
To compare with other brands, have a look at our cross-reference table.

Sizes available:

  • All grades are available as ∅ 70, 90, 110, 125, 150, 185 and 240 mm discs.
  • Folded and fluted discs are available for ∅ 125, 150, 185 and 240 mm.
  • If you are interested in different sizes or grades, check our OEM offer.