• How to pleat fluted filter paper?

    While it's possible to pleat a disc by hand, it's a lot harder and takes longer than folding a quadrant. Moreover most method use folding symetry to simplify the task which can only produce 8 pleats. Our affordable pre-pleated filter paper have more pleats and might be a better alternative.

  • How to fold filter paper into a quadrant so it fit in a conical funnel?

    Fold a disc in half and again in half to form a 4 layers thick 90° quadrant. Open one of the side to form a pocket. The cone will fit a standard 60° funnel.

  • How to choose filter paper?

    For standard grades, you need to find the type of filter you need and it's retention then consult our cross-reference table.

  • How to choose filter paper diameter?

    The diameter depends on the funnel you will use to hold the filter. For Bucher funnel, choose the largest diameter that covers the holes. For standard conical funnels, multiply the widest inner diameter by 32 and round up to the filter disc diameter.