Zenpore Qualitative Grade 1 Filter Paper

zenpore qualitative grade 1

  • MEDIUM RETENTION : Retains medium crystalline particles (10~15 μm)
  • ROUTINE LAB USE : Fat content determination, solid extraction, liquid clarification & analysis
  • IDEAL FOR SCIENCE CLASS : Teach basic qualitative separations and paper chromatography in chemistry
  • AIR FILTRATION : Collect medium particles for pollution monitoring

Equivalent to Whatman grade 1/1V, this laboratory filter paper is widely used for standard fine filtration when you need to separate a solid or precipitate from the filtrate.
Made from high purity alpha-cellulose cotton, this standard qualitative lab filter is not intended for ashing.

Flat Grade 1 range Quadrant Grade 1 range Fluted Grade 1 range


  • science : Routine qualitative analytical separations and liquid clarification in labs
  • food : Solid foodstuffs separation and liquid extraction, fat content determination
  • beverage : Analysis and filtration of dense liquids like fruit pulps, musts, syrups, oil or plant extracts
  • agriculture : Soil analysis and seed testing
  • environment : Medium particles collection for pollution monitoring (stain intensity)
  • education : Basic qualitative separations teaching and paper chromatography

Medium Retention

Retains fine crystalline and organic precipitates around 8μm like:

  • Sulfates (Pb, coarse form of Ba and Ca)
  • Carbonates (Ba, Ca)
  • Phosphates (Al, Pb, Struvite)
  • Chromates (Fe, As, Pb)
  • Ca Oxalate (hot), Pb Oxide


  • paper : pure cotton cellulose
  • flow : medium
  • retention : 10~15 micron
  • speed : 30~35 s (10ml DIN 53137)
  • thickness : 150 mm
  • weight : 86 g/m²
  • ash : 0.1%

Flat Discs

Flat Discs are suitable for gravity and Büchner low suction vacuum filtration.

∅ 70 mm ∅ 90 mm ∅ 110 mm ∅ 125 mm ∅ 150 mm ∅ 185 mm ∅ 240 mm

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Folded Discs

  • PRE FOLDED QUADRANTS : Save time with funnel-ready quarter folded filter paper
  • FASTER FILTRATION : Prepleated filter papers improve the flow and don't need folding
  • LONGER USE : With more surface area, fluted filter papers increase loading capacity

Quadrant Folded and Fluted Filters saves folding time when filtration is done repetitively. Pre-Pleated Fluted Filters also reduce filtration time by increasing the active filtration surface of the filter.
Both are suitable for gravity filtration in standard funnels. For suction filtration, use flat disks instead.

Folding Type ∅ 125 mm ∅ 150 mm ∅ 185 mm ∅ 240 mm
Quadrant Folding
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Fluted Pleating
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